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About us


Rumenworks Nutrition Pty Ltd is the result of 20 years involvement in the sheep and cattle industries, and has resulted from a desire to optimise production from our pastures and feed sources. Whether it be green pasture, dry grass country, grain assist or full feedloting, we were convinced that the products on the market were not giving us what we needed to best utilise our feed sources and get the most efficient production from our sheep and cattle.


Our Directors are Farmers.


Chris Maslin and his wife Sally currently run a very successful dairy in the Gloucester district. According to Chris feeding efficiency is a major driver in farm profitability.


Ross Gibson with wife Bethany operate a beef operation at Delungra, where they grow out and supply domestic trade weight cattle to a number of leading butchers in Sydney. According to Ross, paying attention to feeding techniques and improving performance in areas like yield and feeding conversion efficiency has contributed enormously to the farms sustainable profitability.


Both Directors are actively involved in their farms and in Rumenworks and are happy to discuss any element of feeding whether it be beef and sheep talks with Ross, or if it is dairy have a yarn with Chris.

Call us today +61 2 6651 1667


Rumenworks Nutrition Pty Ltd

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